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Romeo Akbar Walter REVIEW: and dwonload full hd

John Abraham - Jackie Shraff's Strong Performing, But Shocking Story
Romeo Akbar Walter REVIEW: and dwonload fullhd
Romeo Akbar Walter REVIEW: and dwonload fullhd 

Romeo Akbar Walter begins with a badly injured John Abraham. Wilen grows up to John and pulls up his nails. After which you hear a scream, which will scare you till Indar. But the plot takes a second turn soon. Director Robbie Greawl offers romance romance with the thriller, where the movie completely loses your attention. The story of 1971 is when there is a lot of tension between East Pakistan (Bangladesh) between India and Pakistan. Romeo Ali (John Abraham) works in a bank, as well as is interested in the theater. Everything is going normal when Raw Chief Shrikant Rai (Jackie Shraff) looks at Romeo and he plans to send Romeo as Akbar Malik to send him as a detective to Pakistan.

Akbar has to bring Khafia information related to blasts in East Pakistan's Indian base. Everything is running in accordance with the plan, when Akbar's cover blows the ISI agent Khudaksh Khan (Sikandar Kher).

Many exciting aspects have been cast in the film's plot, which make the film interesting. But director Robbie Grewal has kept the film's first hough so slow that it bore. In the first half, many characters are brought in front, which will not only give the audience a chance to get into suspense. Simultaneously, emotional senses seem to be very well-researched. But the second half of the film takes the story up again and binds you. Speaking of Parfomans, John Abraham has raised the whole film on his shoulders with a lot of truth. Mouni Roy has not given much chance to show up in the film. Jackie Shraff has done her best. The hard work of Alexander Kher also appears.

Romeo Akbar Walter REVIEW: and dwonload fullhd
The music of the film is not effective, so, after leaving the theater, hardly any songs remain in your mind. Cinematography of Tapan Tusshar Basu is effective. At the same time, the film's makers should have paid a little more attention in editing. Where thriller film is going on in Bollywood, there is John Abraham's Romeo Akbar Walter who remains quite behind this. Director Robby Grewal does not give us the opportunity to join the film. The film is about 2.5 stars.

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Romeo Akbar Walter REVIEW: and dwonload fullhd

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