Paharganj Movie Review and download full hd

Paharganj Movie Review and download full hd
Paharganj Movie Review and download full hd

  • Artist-Laurenna Franco, Bijesh Jairanjan, Nit Chaudhary
  •  Director- Rakesh Ranjan Kumar
  •  Movie Type-cryme, Drama, Mystery 
  • Duration- 1 hour 48 minutes

Many times the stories say-say, the story-teller gets so tangled that the story goes somewhere by climax, and its creativity gets lost in making the film artistic. Director Rakesh Ranjan Kumar's 'Paharganj' is also one of those stories.
The Spanish girl Laura Costa (Lorena Franco) goes to Paharganj in Delhi looking for her boyfriend Robert. Laura had seen him in Pahalgun in a Facebook post for the last time.

Even more stories are going on in this story, in which a story is by football coach Gautam Menon (Brajesh Jayarajan), his brother has been killed under an accident. Gautam knows that the killer of his brother is Jitendra Tomar (Karan Soni), son of the minister, but due to the high reach of the son of the minister, he is helpless and helpless to prove anything. The grief of brother's death is being eaten in such a way that he has become mentally neurotic. Due to this unstable mental condition, his wife Pooja (Neeth Chaudhari) goes away from home with daughter.

Paharganj Movie Review and download full hd
The third story is from Gully's Gunde Munna (Salman Khan). He wants to be the biggest brother of Paharganj. Then one day Tomar is shot and killed on his own birthday. When the police investigate this murder, then all the stories are seen in each other.
Through 'Paharganj', the director has tried to show the drugs, batting, jismophos, hooliganism, political nexus, but the world in which Paharganj has shown he is compelled to be compelled. The director could not merge three stories correctly. Some scenes in the film are artistic, but due to poor screenplay, they prove useless. After the heroine's rape in the film, you are surprised to hang on the street by putting a poster of 'I am raped', but despite going to the police, it does not have any hearing from the end till the end.

Due to the Gorilla shoot, film levels prove to be less in many places. In the film, Laura Costa has played her role in an average fashion. Brajesh Jayarajan has acted as a powerful Gautam Menon. As Munna, Salman Khan has become dramatic in many places. Neeth Chaudhary's work as wife worship is good. Other artists are fine. In the music of Ajay Singha, the title song and 'Why my heart' has become good.

Why not see - you do not have any harm to see this movie.
Paharganj Movie Review and download full hdPaharganj Movie Review and download full hd

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