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Blackboard VS Whiteboard review and download ful hd

Blackboard VS Whiteboard review and download ful hd
Blackboard VS Whiteboard review and download ful hd
'Blackboard vs Whiteboard touches on a dangerous subject, but its performance and introduction of various sub-plots, with a poor and yawless court room sequence, makes it unusable measurable.


STORY: When selling junk food at a roadside eatery poses as hurdle in getting a suitable match for village boy Amit (Dharmendra Singh), he then turns to teaching that eventually Sufficiently leads to change - personal and otherwise.

REVIEW: A little help from their TV reporter || Lawyer love interest rashmi hazarika (Alismita Goswami), Amit changes the fate of a government-run school in one of the remote hamlets of a north Indian stateBut, since his noble intent of uplifting the downtrodden school children did not go down well with the local politician (Ashok Samarth), so he finds himself caught in the middle of a scandal concocted by the rich and the powerful. 

Blackboard VS Whiteboard review and download ful hd
'Blackboard vs Whiteboard' is one of those movies, in which all the material needed for a decent social drama to work on silver screens. But with the length of the film, along with some very scandalous acting and cliche-ripped scripts, it is an effort for something that needs immediate attention - corruption revolving around the Indian education system.

Experienced artists such as Raghuvir Yadav, Ashok Samarth, Akhilendra Mishra try to save the film, but other aspects of this social drama decrease. 'Blackboard vs Whiteboard' touches a worrisome topic, but with its introduction and introduction of various sub-plots, with a poor and yawless court-room sequence, it makes it unusable measurable.
Blackboard VS Whiteboard review and download ful hd
Raghubir Yadav said that 'Blackboard vs Whiteboard' is a special film for him
Raghubir Yadav's next film, 'Blackboard vs. Whiteboard', is based on how education has become a victim of commercialization in modern times and now it is considered a business opportunity. Not only cities but also small towns and villages are also influenced by evil practices. Some idealistic teachers are also trying to do the sacred task of education in the work of criticism.
However, the purpose of the film is to highlight how the commercialization of education system is getting reduced, highlighting it are teachers who are still trying to ensure that each child gets the education he deserves.
Yadav said, "How education is relevant to the time, speaking on this," education is the primary step of every person's life. Without proper education, it is very difficult to realize their goals. But when growth is taking place at a rapid pace, there is a great lack of quality education in some parts of our country. Apart from this, extreme poverty factors, and the fact that poor families do not feel the importance of adult education and therefore do not want their children to come to school, but help in generating income. Apart from this, many teachers in these areas do not concentrate because they feel that students are not interested, so this becomes a vicious cycle of illiteracy. Sometimes, they feel, but by then it is too late. 'Blackboard vs Whiteboard' gives the message that education comes first. If you want to achieve something, education is of prime importance. If you do not study, neither your future generation, and illiteracy and poverty cycle will never end. It is the joint responsibility of citizens, teachers and the government to ensure that literacy comes first. "
On being asked about the film shooting experience, Raghubir said, "The film was an unforgettable experience. We shot the film in real villages, instead of shooting on the set, to ensure that the depiction was as realistic as possible. . " Artists of the film seemed really concerned with setup. The story is of its kind, and provides a very important message. "
Directed by Tarun Bisht and produced by Nupur Shrivastav, Girish Tiwari and Ashutosh Singh Ratan Blackboard vs. Whiteboard, Dharmendra Singh, Alismita Goswami, Ashok Samarth, Akhilendra Mishra and Pankaj Jha are also in the lead roles. The film is made under the banner of Milestone Creations and Ratan Mr. Entertainment and is slated for release on April 12, 2019.

Blackboard VS Whiteboard review and download ful hd

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